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Bianca Verheijen

Client Relationship Associate - Team Verheijen

Growing up surrounded by real estate due to her mother's career, Bianca's passion for property was ingrained early on. Venturing into the industry only solidified this passion. Working alongside a team she adores, building lifelong relationships with clients, and having the honor of collaborating with her mother make her role profoundly fulfilling. As the Client Relationship Associate for Team Verheijen, her primary objective is to provide exceptional customer service and foster strong client bonds. In her role, she specializes in offering a complimentary service aimed at assisting clients in finding properties they may like, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience throughout their search journey.

The local community exudes a friendly charm, where smiles are overflowing, and connections are genuine. The allure of the area lies not only in its welcoming atmosphere but also in the hidden gems that their homes reveal, each with its own unique charm and backstory. Team Verheijen, described much like a tightly knit family, strikes a perfect balance between companionship and hard work, ensuring both enjoyment and productivity. 

Drawing from her previous experience as a retail manager, Bianca cherishes the art of customer service and the satisfaction of building lasting connections. These skills, along with her proficiency in team management, seamlessly translate into her current role, enhancing the service she offers. Outside of work, she takes pleasure in simple joys like watching sunsets, cherishing quality time with loved ones, and never missing an opportunity for dessert.