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Ricki Huang

Property Manager

Ricki is an enthusiastic and driven individual who is always up for a challenge and takes pride in providing outstanding customer service to her valued clients. With a Bachelor's Degree in Business, specializing in Property, Ricki has honed a range of skills and knowledge that have been key to her success in Real Estate. As a Licensed Property Manager, she places a strong emphasis on trust, values, and ethics in her relationships with landlords and tenants, making sure she communicates proactively and transparently.

Having garnered extensive experience in the Greater St George Area's real estate industry, Ricki is continuously on the lookout for new opportunities to expand her property portfolio and grow her skills, all while aspiring to become an exceptional Property Manager within the Ray White Group.

What sets Ricki apart is her amazing ability to speak three languages fluently - English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. This unique skill allows her to connect effortlessly with her landlords and tenants, creating a warm and welcoming environment for everyone involved.

Ricki's genuine passion for real estate and her friendly nature distinguish her as not only a property manager but also a reliable partner on your property journey.

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