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ANZAC DAY 2016 from a Millennial

By Letrecia Tippett

As I’m sure you’re all well aware ANZAC Day is drawing towards us, I personally have always contemplated what this day really means, and what we are truly commemorating. Being part of The Millennials (Gen Y) it’s always been a day that has been enshrouded in a little mystery, and confusion. Are we to mourning the loss of our fellow human? are we celebrating? If you had of asked me a few years ago I would have brazenly replied “a day when we have to wake up early and stand around in a park with old people”. However as time draws on, I beg to ask the question why is April 25th so important to our country.

In a perfect world there would be no conflict, no war and no reason to maintain defense forces. However as time tells, this is not a perfect world. There are times that call for us to stand behind the ones that safeguard our security and preserve the peace.

I asked around the office “What does ANZAC Day mean to you?

  • “Remembering the people who served our country”
  • “2up & drinking”
  • “Very Traditional, and a day of remembrance”
  • “paying tribute to those we lost at war”

These responses seem relatively standard, and really cement the fact that some people just don’t know the significance of the the day… granted I used to be one of them.

In an attempt to get to the root of what this day really means it’s important to acknowledge that as time goes on, the ranks of our veterans continue to diminish to whom we pay our respect. We maintain this special day to take a break from our frantic lives, to appreciate how fortunate we are, and to reflect on our freedom. These things are not without sacrifice, and it has been at great effort to shape the way we live our lives today, we are here to say thanks to those that defended our rights.

We use this day, April 25th not to glorify war or praise victors, but to remember those who have served our country during times of conflict and crisis, and to reflect upon their selfless sacrifice.

You will find our office at the Dawn Service in Hyde Park Sydney at 4:30am truly understanding the meaning of what this day represents.

ANZAC Day Dawn Service

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