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Breaking up is hard to do

By Letrecia Tippett

You have that sinking feeling and overwhelming need for change, you walk into the room you’ve walked into for the same time for months, years, and decades even, the four walls just aren’t giving you the same amount of comfort that they used to. You’re feeling a vague sense of discontent and you become increasingly aware that you are not happy. Maybe it’s because you’ve been looking at what’s on the market, or maybe you just need a change of environment; but breaking up with your old home is never easy. We are accustomed to coming back to the same house, cooking together in the same kitchen and cozing up in the living room at the end of a long day at work. We find a great sense of comfort in familiarity, but why does taking the plunge cause us so much turmoil?

Your friends break up with their old homes, and maybe move on to better things…hopefully. Or maybe they chance upon a fixer-upper that makes us cringe a little at the task ahead, and number of miserable phone calls we’ll receive at the end of the day. It’s with this trepidation in mind that makes listing our homes, or even considering moving on the hardest thing to do. All over the world people are doing it, the Reserve Bank of Australia estimates that around 500,000 dwellings are being sold each year in Australia, and that the number is only on the increase. So how do you take the plunge and tell your home that you’re breaking up. The first step to undertake a break up is having that stomach turning conversation. Here are some of the important points to consider:

How long have you been together?
What attracted you to your home?
What did you like most about it & what’s changed?
When did you first notice that the relationship was not quite right?
When did you begin to wonder what it would be like if you ended the relationship?
Have you already found somewhere else to live?

Once you have thoroughly thought out your decision and are certain with your resolution, it may be advantageous to have that conversation with those close to you. Second opinions and sourcing support can help you cope with these feelings, especially since you are about to make a life changing judgement call. Realtors have often been thought of as unapproachable, however it is always about finding the right person to catalyst your move. It is important you do adequate research to ensure that the person you talking to are also there to help you move on at your own pace.
Simultaneously you download onto your smart phone all the real estate apps to start browsing for your next love. It’s comforting to know that with apps like or telling you that there have been approximately 298 homes sold on market (in Surry Hills) just in the last year. With this knowledge it grants you a little bit of solace, there are bigger and better things coming your way, the right place is on the horizon for you. The best way to move on from your ex home is to start seeing others, and you will slowly get accustomed to your weekends being filled with multiple home inspections. As time passes your decision will become easier to swallow, and that in your time you will find a wonderful new place to call home.
If all else fails repeat positive affirmations in the bathroom mirror until you’re ready.

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